Dear FreeVoice Reader,

About three years ago, Guru Inosanto was right in the middle of teaching his usual Thursday evening JKD class at the IAMA in Los Angeles, California, when he called our attention to the podium to illustrate a particular point of interest.  Guru's lecture was, as usual choc full of information which conflicted with allegations made by certain martial arts magazine articles that make erroneous claims about JKD, Sigung Bruce Lee and Guru Inosanto himself.  Weary from decades of such pejorative quips from uneducated authors and publishers, Guru stated "I would really like it someday if I had a voice, some kind of free voice with which I could speak freely to those truly interested."  After six months of careful planning, organizing, borrowing and personal sacrifices, several of Guru's students and instructors made his wish a reality - FREEVOICE magazine was born.

In the beginning, many students supported the project. They donated endless time and made countless phone calls. Contributions Irom advertisers, sponsors and writers helped forge the foundation for manufacture and distribution. The pure and free voice of Guru Inosanto was well received worldwide. Thanks to the help of these advertisers, contributors, sponsors and the tremendous sacrifice of our volunteer staff we were able to produce these last three issues. The next issue would have been for sale at approximately $2.50 each.

However due to growing logistics nightmares and the incomprehensible number of volunteer hours needed for design, production and distribution-combined with the exorbitant expense of designer fees and printing, communications and administrative personnel, and massive outlay for distribution and related expenses-support for the magazine has waned.  Guru, the IAMA and the creators of Freevoice have been unable to find the desperately needed volunteer hours and financial support necessary to continue production. At a production cost of over $2.30 per unit it is highly unlikely that the magazine will sell for very much more. Additionally we are all currently in debt. As a result, it is with great regret that we are forced to suspend production indefinitely. You are holding the final issue.

This much-needed vehicle of communication intended to unify the clans of the Inosanto heritage and provide Guru with an open channel to share his wealth of knowledge is, as of this issue, officially terminated-unless a solution to the time and money problem can be found. We are very much interested in your communication. lf you have any suggestions or solutions, or would like any additional information that may lead to a solution, then please call, fax, write or e-mail its we want to hear from you!

Phone: (714) 752-7232
Fax: (714)752-$442
AU Box 4158, Costa Mesa, CA 92628

With much respect and honor. The Publishers of FreeVoice

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